About 50% of Psychologists in Alberta do not Pass the EPPP...

I provide customized 1-to-1 EPPP coaching for psychologists in Canada and United States. I have designed the coaching materials to cater to BIPOC, ESL and neurodiversed learners who have been shown to be disadvantaged (links below). The EPPP is an examination designed to assess the minimum knowledge required to safely enter the practice of psychology. In other words, ALL psychologists in North America needs to pass this exam.

Did you know in Alberta, Canada, where I am currently residing – we have a passing rate of 51% (CAP Monitor, Winter 2022)! This number includes retakers, that means most psychologists are not able to pass this test one their first try (I am no exception). Each time you retake the EPPP, you have to pay hundreds of dollars, hours of studying and frustration. 

Let me help you through your EPPP study journey. 

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EPPP Coaching

Especially for BIPOC, ESL, Neurodiversed Learners. 

Let me help keep you accountable in your studies for what is potentially your career’s biggest hurdle. I have developed a coaching approach, as well as tips from my own EPPP study journey to help you with yours.


Did you fail your EPPP? Failing the EPPP does not mean you are a bad psychologist. Many of us suffer from imposter syndrome, and the EPPP is yet another hurdle we have to conquer. Let me help you!

Psychologists of colour are less likely to pass the EPPP on first try...

Dr. Sharpless gathered data on 4,892 New York applicants and first-time EPPP takers. He  obtained records of all doctoral-level psychology licensure applicants from the past 25 years  and looked at their EPPP scores. His study found Blacks had a failure rate of 38.50% and Hispanics had a failure rate of 35.60%.  Whereas, Whites had a failure rate of 14.07%.

APA also published their own survey and found similar results.

Sharpless BA. Are demographic Variables Associated with Performance on the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)? J Psychol. 2019;153(2):161-172. doi: 10.1080/00223980.2018.1504739. Epub 2018 Oct 22. PMID: 30346907.

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Like many psychologists in North America, I failed the first time I took the EPPP. Between going through a medical crisis, having a young baby and moving house, I managed to pass the most difficult exam in my life on the 2nd try. Since then, I want to give back to the community by supporting other psychologists who are struggling to juggle the demands of life with and this arduous journey. 

I am a registered psychologist, currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have gone through extensive training to be a Professional Certified Coach under International Coaching Federation. Using my coaching skills, coupled with psychologist education and background, I find passion in helping other psychologists achieve their career goals.

Let me help you on your EPPP journey.
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I am very confident of my coaching skills and keeping you accountable in your EPPP journey, but I am new to coaching specifcally the EPPP exam, hence I am setting an introductory rate of CA$150 per hour depending on what you need. 

I am able to schedule coaching sessions for different timezones, and you get to choose however many sessions you feel you need from me. I do not have content of EPPP but I will guide you through the different EPPP materials out there that would BEST suit your learning style.

Topics Covered:

  • WHO are you and your relationship with the EPPP
  • Understand WHAT is EPPP
  • Goal setting and getting there
  • Examining WHERE is your biggest hurdle
  • Example of ridiculous EPPP questions
  • Picking the right study materials for you
  • Forming your study groups
  • Formulating HOW to study and optimize your time
  • Building your study routine
  • Organizing your EPPP study materials
  • Mindset of EPPP test-taker
  • Helpful facebook groups
  • Other possible prep e.g. testing center (PEPPP) and online (PEPPPO)
  • Tips from various workshops
  • Creating fun and unique Mnemonics
  • Study tools and strategies
  • Exam tools and strategies
  • Deciding WHEN to sit the EPPP
  • Accountability and Check-in
  • Everything about Ethics
  • Why I gave up on Statistics…

and more…

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